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I’ve updated the dslink tarball with savegame exploits for the french, german and italian versions of Cooking Coach and recompiled the loader with the latest libraries. All the european language versions – spanish, french, german & italian – work on my UK DSi so I assume that the UK version will also work on all EU DSi consoles.

dslink 2.1.0
dslink 2.1.0
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For those of you who bought a Datel/Codejunkies DSi Action Replay it’s possible to use this to write the savegame exploit by using this save game converter to convert the RAW saves from the dslink archive into files compatible with the ARDSi.

  • For source format, select “RAW”.
  • For target format, select “Action Replay DSi”
  • For size, select “8 Kilo-Bytes – 64 Kilo-Bits”

As usual, please don’t rehost the archive but link to this post. Have fun.

6 thoughts on “ds(i)link updated”

  1. nice. im a noob at c++ and devkitpro, but with the new added space, can i create some type of homebrew channel now? or is that still too much of a task for such a lil’ exploit…

  2. hi, the first time I ran dslink.nds on my NDS (not DSi), I got a message that looked like ” not found” on a blue background. The second and other times I tried, the screen is all white. Do you know what happen?

  3. Would you like to write how to discover dsi mode crash,
    and make savedata ?I don’T know where to watch.I ‘ll send you savedata and rom that can be crashed.

    1. I’ve been toying with that idea for a while, might make for a good post although it seems many people didn’t really understand what the original post about putting code on the wifi chip was about :p

  4. karmaGfa

    1 are you sure that the dsi link (dslink.nds) files name was not changed?

    Also Nice to meet you Dave good luck on your progress with dsilink

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