CycloDS iEvolution and DSiWare Sudoku Hack

Yesterday proved to be a rather interesting day in the world of DSi homebrew with another two means of running code in DSi mode released to the world.

First my CycloDS iEvolution card sample turned up although I had to wait until quite late in the afternoon for the firmware to be released on their website. What surprised me most about the card was that it makes use of the Cooking Coach savegame exploit I released back in 2009 and later used to bootstrap a wifi loader ( see dsi mode homebrew ).  Team Cyclops have taken a somewhat novel approach to distributing the card. I quote here from their announcement.

In order to meet compliance with universal copyright laws, we have taken a completely legal approach for our iEvolution product. Competing products are distributed with content which contains illegally distributed partial ROM images (required for booting on DSi). iEvolution is distributed in a completely blank state and does not contain any illegal content.

What this means is that the card is basically a useless lump of plastic until you obtain ROM dumps for two games which you feed to a utility that constructs an update file for the card. Whether or not this is legal is rather debatable given that most users will in all likelihood obtain the dumps from an illegal source rather than buying the games and dumping them for their own personal use. The interoperability clauses in the US DMCA, the UK CPDA and the European EUCD obviously don’t apply to a card which provides the means to run illegally distributed “backups” so unfortunately this whole setup is still very dodgy as far as the law goes. Right now it’s quite difficult to make the argument that it’s primarily intended to run homebrew since currently the communication between arm7 and arm9 fails in DSi mode – this may be libnds related but I’ll know more when I’ve had a chance to figure out why.

Shortly after Team Cyclops released the firmware and tools for their card YellowStar made an announcement over on of a DSiWare savegame exploit which allows us to boot code from the internal SD card on the DSi. Unfortunately if you’re european and weren’t quick off the mark this avenue of running homebrew is no longer available. Nintendo pulled Sudoku from the European store within 24 hours of the hack’s release. I’m told it’s still currently available for US DSi owners but I can’t confirm this. If you’re American and Sudoku is still available for you then buy it quick – 200 points for DSi mode homebrew is a bargain ;o) UPDATE: Sorry, US people are out of luck now as well.

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4 thoughts on “CycloDS iEvolution and DSiWare Sudoku Hack”

  1. hmm if theres 1 dsiware exploit there has to be others…

    it would be nice to see an exploit running through dsi opera browser due to the fact even if its deleted off of the shop newer dsi and dsi-xl seem to come with it built in as long as you do not delete it.

    ill have to stick to Dave’s cooking coach exploit which is running great on my old dsi.
    (but not my dsi-xl due to wifi hardware change)

    hmm i wounder, i cant wait to see what people make for dsi homebrew wise.

    1. For what it’s worth the cooking coach and classic word games exploits work fine even on recent consoles. There’s just no access to the wifi hardware, which means wifi doesn’t work. I’m not sure if the chip has been changed to prevent writing outside the user settings area or it’s just a side effect of the wifi hardware being disabled.

  2. I wonder if you would release Team twiizer’s hack by open source.I want you to write essey about how to find savegame expolit of DSi hybrid games.
    By the way a bit of question.:What are “Current display scanline.”?(libnds/include/system.h REG_VCOUNT )
    and px,py,z1,z2 (struct touchPsition),
    How can I change the output of error ?
    I am now translating libnds into Japanese.

  3. speaking of that wouldnt using the
    “erase wifi config button”
    in the wifi settings delete dsilink?

    and can an dsi update delete this?

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