DSi Homebrew redux

I’ve now updated dslink with a new save exploit for The Biggest Loser which isn’t blocked on the most recent DSi firmware.

In my original release of dslink I said that Nintendo had “beefed up security” by denying write access to the wifi flash chip but it appears that I was wrong. After some more investigation it turns out that there’s simply a new chip used to store user settings and wifi configuration. This chip appears to contain no writable flash apart from the user settings and storage for wifi access points. Replacing the whole board with an earlier model (DWM-W015 vs the DWM-W024 board in later consoles) restores the ability to write to flash and boot dslink this way. I’m also told that the later boards can be converted by installing a pre-programmed flash chip in the space that still exists but I haven’t yet verified this. I do have some extra DWM-W024 boards to play with but I’m not entirely sure my soldering skills are up to the job – it’s definitely something I plan to attempt in the near future.

For now, enjoy renewed access to DSi mode homebrew if you still have a compatible console.

dslink 2.1.0
dslink 2.1.0
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3 thoughts on “DSi Homebrew redux”

  1. Amazing.

    even though it is outdated i wish for the dai to someday run a varient of fwnitro or flashme with dsi ofc.

    Just a dream.

  2. Hey I just made a thread at gbatemp discussing the possibility to kick into DSI Mode from a Flash Cartridge.
    Right now I have a DSI with the lastest firmware and a gateway blue card which is a R4i clone.

    DSLink installer was able to flash my wifi board.

    Now it seems I need to get the exploit game and find some method to flash that save file.

    This post is from 2015, there’s no easier way for now to do this?

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