Gateway 3DS flashcard bricking consoles.

I’ve just caught up with the disturbing news that Gateway have included code in their latest firmware which bricks 3DS consoles if their code has been modified. The company has implied that they’ve done this in response to the people cloning their cards and using modified binaries of Gateway code.

This is completely unacceptable behaviour – destroying expensive hardware in a fit of pique is  far beyond any idea of a reasonable response and Gateway should face the consequences of their actions.

For that reason I call on all resellers to remove the Gateway 3DS from sale and return their stock for refund citing safety concerns. If you’re currently promoting the Gateway 3DS card in any way, including but not limited to reviews of the card, advertising places to buy the card, tutorials on how to use the card etc, please consider removing links which could potentially lead to purchases. Please stop promoting this company in any way.

I fully understand that you may be reluctant to do anything which may impact on your ability to make a living but the fact is that these cards are dangerous and will lead to the destruction of expensive hardware. The actions of this company are indefensible and I will not condone any justification for not protecting consumers from such unethical actions regardless of the ethics of their own behaviour.

I find the statements from the gaming press that users cannot force Gateway to be held responsible due to the legality of the devices to be completely reprehensible. Journalists should be seeking ways to help the victims of this unethical company, not rubbing salt in the wounds. I’m looking at you, Eurogamer, The Escapist, MCVUK and Nintendo Everything to name but a few.

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