dslink 2.1.0

I’ve uploaded new binaries of dslink and the installer built with latest libnds/dswifi and some DSi related fixes. Thanks to some poking around by fincs we now have dswifi working with the DWM-W024 boards but still only with WEP unfortunately.

So far there’s still no progress on writing dslink to the flash on the DWM-W024 boards but we may yet find a way to unlock the new chip.

dslink 2.1.0
dslink 2.1.0
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  1. I may be missing an earlier post, but I do have a question concerning dsilink and how it is to be used. Mainly, I have two DSi, one on 1.4.5U and the other 1.4.3U firmware. I have one R4 card that still works for the 1.4.3U device. What I’ve been trying to discover is if there’s a way to play .nds files or place them onto the 1.4.5U DSi without the R4 card or Sudokuhax or otherwise as I don’t have those files?


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