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What are you thinking Nintendo?

I’ve just had a look at this weeks DSiWare releases and found a little gem called FlashLight. 200 points for something that can’t have taken more than a couple of hours to throw together? £1.80 for that? How on earth did that get approved?

The sooner Nintendo let homebrew developers get in on the act the better. A lot of the stuff produced by devkitARM users should be worth several thousand points if you use FlashLight as a metric.

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  1. -X-777 says: November 15, 201011:39 pm

    THANK YOU! thats what im saying. like cmon who the F*** would buy that shxt?? if the dsi simply had an open sdk then we could have had so much actually useful apps and fun games -_-‘ idk whats wrong with nintendo. it’s like they were stuck in an ignorant gaming generation

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