What are you thinking Nintendo?

I’ve just had a look at this weeks DSiWare releases and found a little gem called FlashLight. 200 points for something that can’t have taken more than a couple of hours to throw together? £1.80 for that? How on earth did that get approved?

The sooner Nintendo let homebrew developers get in on the act the better. A lot of the stuff produced by devkitARM users should be worth several thousand points if you use FlashLight as a metric.

Connect Vista to OSX samba share

Today I had a bit of trouble getting my Vista machine to connect to a samba share on my macbook despite the mac being able to connect the other way just fine. The solution took a fair bit of googling as well as trial and error so I’m posting it here for future reference and others with the same issue.

Firstly make sure smb sharing is enabled on the mac – that’s in System Preferences -> Sharing. In the Options dialog tick Share files and folders using SMB. At this point I’m not sure whether to  edit /var/db/smb.conf or /etc/smb.conf, I found the former from googling and so edited that. Make sure the workgroup is configured the same as the Vista machine and add these lines.

client lanman auth = no
client ntlmv2 auth = yes

Save the file then run these commands from the terminal to restart the daemons

sudo launchctl stop org.samba.smbd
sudo launchctl stop org.samba.nmbd
sudo launchctl start org.samba.nmbd
sudo launchctl start org.samba.smbd

After that, the mac appeared in my network on the Vista machine but I still wasn’t able to connect until I finally realised that the logon box requires the computer name as well as the user name. Enter [Machine Name]\[username] rather than just [username] otherwise it seems to default to the name of the machine you’re logging on from.

Happy Days!

Buy the game, pay what you want!

Just saw this linked on IRC.

Crayon Physics Deluxe looks like a really fun game, makes me wish I had a tabletpc to play it on but I think I’ll see how well it works with an attached graphics tablet. The game was a year old on Jan 7th so Petri is celebrating by allowing  people to pay whatever they want for the full game until Jan 15th. Fantastic idea, I hope he does well from his sale. I found out there’s an iPhone App version too, awesome.

Tobias Weyand did a great ds homebrew physics game inspired by the original Crayon Physics called Pocket Physics. Tobias describes it as is a mashup of The Incredible Machine, Crayon Physics and Line Rider, Craig Harris from IGN describes it as “digital crack” 🙂

A beginning

Firstly, happy new year and welcome to 2010. Still no sign of Moonbase Alpha or monoliths orbiting Jupiter but Virgin Galactic seem to be gearing up for relatively cheap commercial space flights. Interesting times are definitely afoot.

Over the last few years I’ve made several abortive attempts to maintain a blog but something always seems to get in the way so this year I’ve decided to make more of an effort – a new year’s resolution I suppose, not that I subscribe to such things. My writings here will be primarily technology focused with some social commentary and politics thrown in for good measure. Quite a lot will probably be about programming and electronics projects related to devkitPro – my attempt to make game console programming much more accessible to people outside the games industry.

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see me write about then do please feel free to comment here.

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